View of the city center above Janko Kráľ City Park.

Tapiola on the Danube

A non-traditional project focused on the capital from a bird's eye view. Bratislava is perceived differently in the eyes of fidelity. People who do not live in it for a long time come only for work, or as tourists they often give it the adjective concrete jungle. With the project I try to point out the fact that Bratislava is one of the few world capitals really a green city. I chose the attribute Tapiola with reference to the Finnish city of the same name, which was built in the 1960s as a garden city full of greenery. Bratislava reminds of this project in many ways precisely from a bird's eye view, when the viewer has an unusual view of the green urban landscape. The images are composed with an emphasis on well-known urban localities in symbiosis with the surrounding greenery and at the same time show significant urban interventions in recent years. In Finnish mythology, tapiola refers to the realm of the forest god Tapia and his wife Mielikki. Bratislava, through which the largest European river flows, is bordered on the one hand by the foothills of the Little Carpathians and on the other by floodplain forests, so it definitely deserves this adjective. The project aims to raise a generally better awareness of the quality of life in the capital and to instil in its inhabitants a sense of pride and a sense of development and the preservation of the values that its location offers.

Matej Kalina

professional photographer, News and Media Holding /NMH/
Matej Kalina (1978) is a Slovak photojournalist who primarily documents moments of everyday life in his work. He became actively involved in photography at the university under the guidance of art photographer Fero Tomík. He started his career as a professional photographer at the 7 Plus publishing house, where he headed the photojournalists' department for almost a decade. He later participated in the formation of the visual department of the new publishing house News and Media Holding, of which he is an active member. His reportage photographs are regularly published by the periodicals Plus 7 Dní, Život Trend, Plus 1 Deň, Šarm, Zdravie, Dobré jedlo and more. In his free creation, he tends towards a social documentary, where, according to his own words, he tries to record undistorted reality in such a way as to create space for the viewer to have his own opinion. He has received several Slovak Press Photo and Czech Press Photo awards for his work.???????