Firstgraders from slums in Zemplín (Parenting)

Iveta Riddajová is the only care taker of her eleven children. She has spent nearly two years in prison in the past, because her children didn't go to school. Author has made Iveta aware of the fact that an environmental portrait of her is being photographed, the only instruction she has been given was to look into the camera

Tomáš Hrivňák

I am a master's degree student in Media Analysis and Research at Masaryk University in Brno. I have been involved in photography since the age of twelve. Until 2020, I have worked as a photo reporter in the local Brno medium I have spent one semester on a study stay in Iceland, where I published photographs in several media. In 2018, I completed a three-month journalism internship in a regional daily newspaper Košice:dnes. In 2019 I a long-form article about drought in Slovakia, which was part of my bachelor thesis, in Denník N. I won the Arnost Heinrich Prize, which is awarded by the Czech Syndicate of Journalists for the best bachelor's thesis. Since 2020 I have been writing and photographing for Denník N