STAY IN TOUCH (Same same but different)

STAY IN TOUCH is a subjective statement and is the result of a process throughout the year of the pandemic. However, a pandemic is not the primary interest, but has an obvious effect on the human psyche, and this is reflected in the feelings that the author tries to point out in the work. So this is not a `` cheerful`` family album. However, the photos are full of touch, femininity, motherhood, and despite the themes, the photos have a peaceful atmosphere. The mentioned topics on which the author relies include - touch and physical contact, which the author observes in the relationship of her younger sister and mother, and seeks a path to it. She also tries to improve the relationship between her and her mother and grandmother. (The photograph is supposed to show the similarity between a mother and her two daughters.)

Natália Dominiková

I am a recent graduate of the Bachelor's degree program at the Academy of Fine Arts, in a studio led by Jana Hojstričová and Olja Triaška Stefanovič. I am 25 years old and in my work I focus primarily on sociological and social topics.