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How deeply religion is ingrained in the Slovak population is demonstrated by the fact that even previous totalitarian regimes were unable to eliminate it from the culture. In 1991 more 72% of the Slovak nationality citizens declared that they were religious*. This, despite the fact, that only two years had passed since the collapse of a political regime that had oppressed any life philosophy different from its own ideology, using draconic measures. Ever present, many notable religious structures and symbols were embedded into my memories, even since I was a young child. Each time I saw them, they reminded me that our lives are a part of something larger and that our individual actions influence not only ourselves, but also many people within our community. However, the era is changing. With each day, I observe how the living environment is constantly changing to fulfil our current life requirements. The sacred symbols, however, remain mute witnesses to the changing world. *source: (No description.)

Libor Trško

free photographer
I work as a researcher in the field of materials engineering and in photography I am only an amateur. In my photography work I focus mainly on study of the intense changes of the environment due to the ever-increasing demands of human society