Besy (Calmness on the stage)

A series of photography capturing the birth or rehearsal process of a theatre production by F. M. Dostoevskij- Besy, directed by Anton Korenči in a drama of the Košice State Theater. The selection of photography is based on the masterpiece of the guest actor Marek Geišberg in the character of Nikolai Vsevolodovič Stavrogin. Photographically very interesting is the actors' apparent calmness and even the "Corleon" supremacy, when the sequence of scene, emotions or story is around him in a dramatically vibrating and graduating tempo ... (The photography captures the theatrical situation with Marek Geišberg and other acting colleagues of the drama ŠD Košice.)

Jozef Marčinský

professional photographer
Since your 2004, he start work as professional photographer and thus collaborates with his "Alma Mater" the Košice State Theater, where he is also a soloist of ballet at the ŠD Košice