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Teacher Katarína: Jarovnice Elementary School is the largest Slovak school attended only by Roma. More than a thousand of them come here. During the pandemic, the school passed one of the most difficult tests of its functioning. During the school closure, workers in the community distributed thousands of worksheets, but faced the indifference of parents to their children's school results. Digitization was unthinkable. Pupils often live in shacks or shabby brick houses without running water with illegally connected electricity. This is a school where up to 90 percent of first-year children come without preschool education. Pupils have very poor hygiene habits and a language barrier, and this is fundamentally reflected in their education from the very beginning. Because there is a big difference when a child comes to school "straight from the settlement" and a child from kindergarten. The child also already understands, communicates, has hygienic habits, easily manages the first year. The children are assisted by Roma school assistants from the local community, who make interpreters. "For the first months, we teach most freshmen only in Slovak and basic hygienic habits," says Katarína Kandráčová, a teacher with 19 years of experience in Jarovnice primary school number 192. The poorest children will catch up with this outage for years.

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Boris Németh

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