Doctor Kristína: Thanks to testing, I want to be a psychiatrist. 31-year-old doctor Kristína Kováčová has been testing over 4,600 people for covid-19 since mid-January. There are more than four hundred of them a day who puts a mallet in their nose, and only five are usually tested positive. This is her first medical experience in practice, despite the fact that she graduated from medical school six years ago. What has she managed so far? "Four children," he admits shyly, "I was in kindergarten for six years after school, and there were concerns about whether I still had a doctor's job and whether I could handle the work environment. Testing came to me as a good intermediate step: I am no longer only at home with the children, but also at work. I haven't really gotten into practice yet and the testing gave me a feeling of self-confidence, "he explains with a smile. However, her work at the Barina test site in Bratislava led her to an unexpected decision. She gave up the desire to become a classic district doctor, she wants to be a psychiatrist

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Boris Németh

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