Sensitive Children (Sensitive Child) (from series)

The series of photographs, titled "Sensitive Child," was collaboratively created with a performative student project from the Film and Dance Faculty at the University of Performing Arts. The outcome is a photographic documentation of a dance performance centred around a specific dream belonging to one of the dancers. The photographs capture the essence of the dance, seamlessly melding with the surrounding landscape. These images are stylized as dream-like scenes, conveying the synergy between human energy and nature—how these two components resonate emotionally with each other. They evoke the sensations of clouds, closeness, melancholy, droplets, wind, pre-storm stillness, unbearable weight, and exhalation. (Documenting a dance performance resonating with the nature and essence of the landscape.)

Ema Diehelová

student, Vysoká škola Múzických umení
I am a student of Cinematography at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava under the guidance of Tomáš Juríček. I have currently completed a 3-year bachelor's degree and am continuing with a master's degree. I was introduced to film through a natural progression through photography, which I still have a reverence for today, and which helps me to fulfil my to need to create. I am 23 years old and I come from Bratislava, where I attended a bilingual French high school and at the same time attended the art department at the ZUŠ with the support and friendship of the academic painter Milan Hrčka.