The longer the invasion lasts, the fewer people are willing to go to the front. Men with three minor children are not yet mobilized.

The price of patriotism

In a small Hutsul village near Romania, men have left their families at home and are fighting in the war. Anna lives high in the mountains. Her sons and relatives went to the front. 21-year-old Ivan guards the Ukrainian border. 25-year-old Yura returned home after months of fighting in Bachmut. He struggles with combat stress. 38-year-old Mykola died in Bakhmut. He fathered two daughters...

Małgorzata Leszczyńska

free photographer
Freelance photographer. She specializes in documentary photography. She is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Photography. She is the author of the series: "Life goes on" about Ukrainians who fight for their country, "Red zone" about loneliness in Covid hospital wards closed to visitors, "It happens" about the work of rescue teams.