Aerial view of the Roma settlement. In the space between the buildings in the foreground stood a recent apartment building, which had to be demolished due to its life-threatening condition

Angi Mlyn (Angi mill)

Angi Mlyn, a Roma settlement in Michalovce, has largely changed its owner. The town decided to solve the problem with the non-payers by selling off the buildings in which they live. A new owner bought them and their inhabitants, which caused outrage in Slovakia. In the past, the authorities have tried to resolve disagreements with a segregation wall between the settlement and the city. Ignoring the Roma issue in Slovakia often leads to non-European solutions.

Matej Kalina

professional photographer, News and Media Holding
Matej Kalina is working for News and Media Holding, whose photos are published by Plus 7 Dní, Život, Trend, Plus 1 Deň, Šarm, Zdravie, Dobré jedlo and others. He gravitates towards a social documentary, where, according to his own words, he tries to record an undistorted reality to create a space for the viewer to have his own opinion. He won several Slovak and Czech Press Photo awards.