Test of democracy (Just like under socialism.)

A record of the course of the development of a coronavirus pandemic in Slovakia documenting the gradual coping of the population with the need to implement unpopular measures that indirectly checked the level of democratic attitudes of individuals. (Strict epidemiological measures in supermarkets allowed only a limited number of shoppers. In the form of long crowds waiting in front of trade, as was the case under socialism.)

Matej Kalina

professional photographer, News and Media Holding /NMH/
Matej Kalina (1978) is a Slovak photojournalist who primarily documents moments of everyday life in his work. He became actively involved in photography at the university under the guidance of art photographer Fero Tomík. He started his career as a professional photographer at the 7 Plus publishing house, where he headed the photojournalists' department for almost a decade. He later participated in the formation of the visual department of the new publishing house News and Media Holding, of which he is an active member. His reportage photographs are regularly published by the periodicals Plus 7 Dní, Život Trend, Plus 1 Deň, Šarm, Zdravie, Dobré jedlo and more. In his free creation, he tends towards a social documentary, where, according to his own words, he tries to record undistorted reality in such a way as to create space for the viewer to have his own opinion. He has received several Slovak Press Photo and Czech Press Photo awards for his work.???????