He also lives in the city during the covid (Under the bridge)

1Even during the covid measures, curfews and various other measures of the government, city districts, creatives and citizens found their moment to survive. A few photos from Bratislava are as evidence. (During the second pandemic wave of covid, people looked for a way to go out into the fresh air and avoid people to prevent the spread of the disease. And walks under bridges have become a common walk in the city.)

Rudolf Baranovič

free photographer
I am 53 years old, have been happily married for 31 years and have two sons. I am a reportage and documentary photographer who also documents concerts, cultural events and other public and non-public events for the media or organizers on request. In addition, I document life in the country and cities, on the streets of Europe or on other continents. I'm a photographer of the moment, I like black and white photography, but I also don't avoid colour. In the photos, I strive for an unusual, unique moment and light. I come from Bratislava, where I take the most photos. I regularly publish, for example, on the portal, but also many others. I also occasionally photograph weddings or other family events. I have been cooperating for a long time with the Italian Cultural Institute and the Kamel klub cultural centre in Karlova Ves