Ocean cruiser where my clients and I became isolated for several days.

Everything is changing

After several sudden changes in my life I needed a change and decided to move to Glasgow in Scotland just before the last Christmas. In January Czech tourists and I as their tourist guide flew to start a three weeks’ cruise in the Indian Ocean. Upon my return home from Scotland by the beginning of March I was contracted to accompany tourists to the Caribbean. Back then the Covid-19-related situation in Europe got complicated. The Caribbean seemed to be a safe place. Unfortunately, it quickly changed. Passengers with a positive test result were identified aboard and we all ended in a quarantine and isolation. Anxiety and insecurity resulted in several cases of infarction among the passengers. No island was willing to let us land and we became prisoners on the board of the cruiser. Countries around the world started to close the borders and our journey back home seemed unreal. After days of uncertainty, Guadeloupe let us ashore under a strict condition: directly get on a bus escorted by the police to the specific aircraft waiting for us at the airport. After a tiring and stigmatized flight we wandered through Europe before we finally got to Prague. An appointed healthcare team waited for our arrival and immediately prescribed quarantine. The originally planned 14 days turned into two months due to Covid-19. My return to Scotland took four months. I lost my job, safe home, stress and health issues appeared. On the other hand, I had time to think and reassess things and understand what is really important. I asked for a change and got it. Some returns to your self can take a lot of time or eternity. I returned to Prague, to the starting line and I will go on.

Jana Hunterová

freelance photographer, Czech republic