During the Christmas break I've visited my friend in her family house. I've never been anywhere else than in her room, but this time she showed me her father's room.The items on the walls were personally hunted and collected by him and his father who passed away recently.


It's a story about a place I've lived in since I was a child. It's a post-German village in the Opolskie Voivodeship in Poland. The majority of young people moved away to bigger cities. The village is mainly populated by seniors, many of them have already passed away and a lot of houses are abondoned. I've been taking these pictures in the period when I was moving out from my parents. I wanted to say goodbye to the place I grew up in. I've decided to take the pictures in B&W because I associated them with my past. The title refers to dialectal silesian word ''Psińco'' which means ''nothing''.

Katarzyna Ślesińska

student, Poland