The sole kitchen in service for all tenants in the building. Kitchen, toilets and one shower were shared by all. These spots established the rules of the community. "Values such as politeness, orderliness, obedience and order are constantly seen through lenses of doubt by an individual who yearns for an abstract sensation of happiness, fulfilment and freedom instead of easily defined, planned, recorded and followed targets."


Bratislava, Košicka´ 37 street. The buliding Cvernovka served as art studions and a safe shelter for many young people. A symbol of freedom and sense of belonging. Its demolition marked the nd of a utopia whih does not easily fit into one category – the end of a completely non-transferble world. The key message of this documentary series is the insight to the impact of society and capitalism on the young generation, which lives in an alternative social establishment, supported by the analysis of either psychological or social reasons and consequences of young generation’s behaviour. The decline of any society is characterised by the preference given to the concept of individual happiness instead of the happiness and prosperity of all. Ambiguity of an individual satisfaction irretrievably leads to the stagnation of progress and productivity.

Karina Golisová