Vanishing screams

I take pictures of Prague locations where a murder was committed sometime in the past, shooting at the same hour and on the same day that the crime was actually committed. The series aims to play with our imagination and make us notice that matter- -of-factliness with which we come home each day without realising what the places we pass on our way and look upon as common, sometimes almost boring ones, may have been scene to in the past. In a world where along with our lunch and dinner we are accustomed to consuming a portion of wars, traffic accidents and criminal stories, we rarely fathom that the very same path that led us home that night may have proven fatal to someone at some point in the past. It is not the intention to frighten the viewer, but rather to get him to ponder whether such “commonplace” locations may perhaps have a story to tell and maybe to still trace an imprint that the darkly event had left behind. Each viewer may then reconsider on their own the price of their everyday routine

Patrik Sláma

Freelance photographer (CZ)