Island of freedom

When I was a child, my father told me a fairy-tale about an enchanted kingdom, a country veiled by a black curtain, where people were sad, where it was prohibited to sing and where evil won. Much later I realised that my father had introduced in this fairy-tale his memories from a country in which he had lived and which used to be veiled not by a black, but by a red curtain. The series "Island of Freedom" is about such country of the present, though a fictitious one, where, however, the fairy-tale is becoming more and more real. It is about a country in which people gave up their hopes and are imprisoned in a labyrinth of fences and walls built by their inner fears. In spite of the acquired freedom, they have paradoxically become more unfree, and have found their comfort zone behind the doors of their twice-locked houses, in their incommunicativeness.

Marek Pupák

Freelance photographer