Close to the ground, far from heaven

There are places in which most of us are usually not interested. If you want to get there you need to drive off the main road, look behind the sound walls, slow down and calm down your thoughts. I have travelled across Polish provinces and have been visiting places that seemed to be abandoned and empty because everyone had left for work: to nearby fields, to a larger town or to work abroad. Life has a different rhythm there and time passes much slower than in the cities. These places come to life only during holidays, harvest time, festivals – when stars from a talent show or “popular” music band come to perform there. “Close to the ground, far from heaven“ is a story about people who value peace, tradition and their connection to their place. At the same time, they dream to be someone else. They want their life to become more expressive and exciting, and the modern “big world” is shining and tempting them with its colours. I’ve tried to define the concept of homeland as a microcosm. The place which is so important to people who live there. The place which they want to change but, at the same time, to which they want to stay connected and keep alive its traditions.

Michal Adamski

Freelance photographer (Poland)