New Nivy

Over the last few years, Bratislava has been experiencing a big construction boom. Everything changes, as well as its “genius loci” as a protective spirit of a place. A new downtown is emerging. I live in the vicinity of all these changes in a neighbourhood called “500 apartments”. And so I had the idea to capture all these transformations in my town, just like New York was changing in the 1930s with skyscrapers construction. I signed an agreement with the Nové Nivy project developer so I can visit the site every month and see the differences in time. Just like different nationalities have changed New York, Bratislava is also acquiring its new “genius loci” under the hands of different nationalities. My aim is to capture not only the changes in the construction of the new bus station, but also the details that make it somewhat human – the people that cause changes with their presence and work.

Katarína Líšková

Freelance photographer