Silesia in Poland is a place where work is very closely related to the social life of people living on this earth. Silesians are known for their hard work in mines, steel mills and heavy industry. Many studies use the term “Silesian work ethos”. Everyone had to work in Silesia, except for people with disabilities who could not work despite their willingness and commitment. Many people with intellectual disabilities cannot work because of their limitations. For several years there have been various places in Poland and in Silesia where people with disabilities can work. One of these professional activity facilities is “St. Martin” in Katowice, which employs people with disabilities. The Professional Activity Department runs a hotel and provides gastronomical services. This workplace provides jobs as well as occupational and physical therapies to people in need. Disabled people have a long way to go to live like common people, but finding a job is a first step forward.

Krzysztof Gołuch

Freelance photographer, Poland