Five Days

The amateur triathlete Mário Kovár (45) beat himself. In the course of five days, he did five big triathlons. Every day, he made 3.8 kilometres swimming, 180 kilometres biking and ran a marathon of 42.2 kilometres. In five days, he learnt more about himself than ever before. His purpose was to overcome his own physical and mental boundaries,. Alone, but not isolated, with the support of his family team, he made 1,130 kilometers around Slovakia. Mário was competing on his final 226 kilometres. His last fifth triathlon took place in the framework of the Slovakman 2019 National Triathlon Championship in Piešťany and achieved the best time in all five days. The timer stopped at 10 hours, 15 minutes and 58 seconds. As the first and only Slovak, he attended something that takes place only in the Hawaiian Islands. Thanks to family coherence, his personal five-days challenged turned into an inspiring story.

Juraj Sedlák

Freelance photographer