Girl, 15 years after the best concert of her life

The girl in the picture is Zuza Müllerová, my sister who has just returned from Pohoda Festival. The first thing she said was: “It was so worth it!” and turned to me with the other half of her face. I shut my eyes. She threw herself straight in the mosh pit and, like dozens of other dancers, she was proud to take away a sign of entertainment. This dedication to music, dedication to the moment, the emotion people feel collectively, are fascinating. What is left is just a proof of having attended the concert of Ic3peak (contra Putin). As if one had to suffer for joy. In this case, the ambivalence of the photographic message is essential. One would think: “What is it good for?”, and the other 30,000 people would reply with tramping of feet and applause, with clapping and singing. At the first sight, the picture would evoke the instinctive question: “Who did that to her?” because the culprit is always to be condemned and because we want to know him. The thing to blame here is passion and the willingness to live each moment to its fullest. A new world.

Šimona Müllerová

Freelance photographer